We pride ourselves on our experience, training knowledge and personable style. You’ll find our no-hype approach to healthy living, fitness and performance a refreshing change from the hard-sell environment of the big gyms. Our staff are all professionals who have made health and fitness their careers, gaining experience with a wide range of people and goals: postural improvement, weight loss, Women’s health, Men’s health, all ages, injuries, high level sports performance, simply working out and more. Check us out and join our growing community!

Our Personal Trainers


Corporate Operations Manager


Mel is an instructor and trainer with certifications from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), TRX, and Spinning. A reformed klutz who loves teaching fitness, Mel trains in the martial art wun hop kuen do (it was love at first kick), runs occasional trail races, engages in her worldwide mission of sharing the correct form for plank and push-ups, writes essays and fiction, and is currently working on a novel about women superheroes (when she can stay awake long enough). As a writer, she believes in the connection between a healthy body and healthy mind. As a trainer, she believes understanding your body gives you both a sense of power and a sense of peace.
*also a BFF instructor!


Jason began weight training at the age of 14 years old. By the age of 17, he implemented athlete training into his program. He is a professionally trained Muay Thai fighter and hip hop dancer. Fitness, health and wellness has been a major part of more than half of Jason’s lifetime. He has dedicated his life to assist others to achieve optimum health and look as great as they feel. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he follows the OPT model of training and has found great success with his clients. Currently, he is studying true strength and flexibility through gymnastics. Jason specializes in weight loss, strength development and injury prevention.


Aaron has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, providing customized training programs for a wide variety of clients to achieve their wellness goals. He specializes in  training with minimal equipment, focused on balance, flexibility, strength and overall health. Aaron believes in a holistic and balanced approach to health and wellness. “Health” means so much more than weight, physical ability, diet, or your cholesterol level!  His approach to health incorporates elements of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Aaron works in partnership with his clients develop a fitness plan that addresses physiological goals; nutrition and eating; stress management; and self-care.

“I don’t believe in gimmicks, quick-fixes, or exercise fads. You don’t need fancy equipment, expensive nutritional supplements, or even a large space–just a willingness to move! I will help you learn to enjoy moving your body so you see and feel a difference.”



Carmela fell in love with movement and athletics at a very young age and hasn't looked back since. She studied Exercise Science at Willamette University, co-owned a gym in Berkeley for five years, and now works one-on-one with clients that want to move better, not feel their age, and learn how to take care of their bodies from a more holistic perspective. 

Over the past seven years, Carmela has completed numerous continuing education courses with Z-Health Performance (R, I, S, T-certified, as well as four of the advanced courses), which has allowed her to take her coaching to a whole new level. She enjoys showing clients the tools and techniques that can help them relieve pain, get stronger faster, improve their vision and balance, and improve or learn movement skills regardless of their age. She believes that everyone is an athlete (no matter what their sports background is) and that each client's body holds more potential for great accomplishments than we realize. 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Exercise Science, Willamette University (2002) 


  • CPR First Aid/AED

  • TRX Suspension Trainer (individual and group coaching)

  • Z-Health R-Phase, I-Phase, S-Phase, T-Phase Certified

  • Z Health 9S: Structure, Stamina & Spirit, Sustenance and Spirit

  • Z-Health: The Next Evolution



Educate, motivate and inspire. Fitness isn’t just about physical strength and aesthetics, fitness encompasses the body, heart, mind and soul. With over 15 years of experience and multiple certifications from the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM), such as Corrective Exercise (CES) and Fitness Nutrition (FNS), Jay is a transformative fitness leader who empowers his clients and piques their interest on what the next move will be. A father and husband, Jay understands the challenges of balancing family, fitness, fun and work. This is reflective in his relationships, interactions and training sessions with his clients and encourages them to make fitness a part of their lives. Jay works with people from all walks of life, youth, student athletes, career professionals and seniors. By 2020, he aspires to further his education and achieve the Master Trainer certification from NASM.

“Encourage others and share in the fortunes of success.”


Don has over 15 years of personal training experience. With a bachelors degree in kinesiology from San Francisco State University and certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Don specializes in training for balance and posture, sports, pre- and post-rehab, overall cardio and strength and conditioning.



Amy is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, with a history of physical trauma and a passion for inspiring others to have fun getting fit.

Amy has battled body image issues her entire life, spent time in a wheelchair as a 12-year-old, and survived three life-threatening bicycle accidents as an adult. She is here to tell you that you have the power to overcome anything! You have the spark, or "The Whoa" as she likes to call it, and she's gonna help you find it, ignite it, and let you shine like the magical, glittery disco ball you are.
*also a BFF instructor!