• Certifications: ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine — PP-S: Periodization Planning Specialist — SC-E: Sports Conditioning Expert

  • Experience: 20 years in fitness industry; 16 years personal training; 15 years teaching and presenting; 7 years endurance athletics coach; 9 years competitive endurance athlete

  • Area of Expertise: Core Stability; Balance Training; Endurance Sports Coaching; Functional Training; Sport Training; General Wellness

  • Education: Studies in Environmental Science and Comparative Literature

Mark has always had an interest in fitness and competitive sport. He played soccer for 11 years in his youth and enjoyed time as the traveling league team captain. After taking a hiatus from competition, he got involved with endurance sports. In 1998 he began competing in triathlon and by the end of 1999 was a nationally ranked competitor. During his time away from sport, he got involved with the fitness industry with the specific goal of working with athletes. It was during this time that he discovered a love for working with people from all populations. It was the satisfaction of seeing, first hand, the impact a healthy lifestyle can have on quality of life, that inspired him to embark on a career path of fitness and wellness.

Mark maintains his passion for sports but no longer competes at a high level. Instead he focuses on sharpening his knowledge of state of the art training techniques and helping his clients achieve the highest possible quality of life with fitness as a corner stone. Mark has been in the industry for 15 years and still has clients from his early days as a trainer. He’s worked with clients from elite athletes to post spinal injury patients. Mark has chosen this profession because of the pure joy he gets from being a part of people’s lives in a positive way and seeing the changes a healthy lifestyle can bring.



  • Certifications: NSCA/CSCS: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist — PPS: Periodization Planning Specialist — USAWL: United States Weight Lifting Coach Certification — Certified Massage Therapist — Certified Nutrition Consultant – Z Health Performance: R, I, S, T, and 9S (Structure, Stamina) certified

  • Experience: Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist since 2000. Over 20 years in the health and fitness industry; 3 years clinical psych (Adolescent, Adult, Seniors); 5 years clinical rehabilitation (acute and sub acute); Massage therapy techniques include: sports/deep tissue, Reiki, reflexology, acupressure

  • Area of Expertise: Functional Training; Core Stability and Rehabilitation; Adult and Adolescent Health and Wellness; Sport-Specific Training; Pre Natal/Post Partum Fitness; Holistic Health; Neural Movement Coach

  • Education: BA Recreation and Leisure Services (Therapeutic Emphasis); Mckinnon Institute (Swedish, Sports/Deep Tissue, Reflexology); Z Health Performance (currently enrolled in advanced coursework)

Lisa began her practice running therapy groups on locked psychiatric units. After helping to develop and implement an Adult Partial Hospitalization Program at The McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute, Lisa changed gears and spent 5 years on a Physical Rehabilitation Unit at John Muir Medical Center. Lisa began training during her second pregnancy when she hounded her personal trainer enough until she suggested that Lisa change careers. Concurrently, Lisa began her studies in massage (specializing in Sports/Deep Tissue), developing a practice of intense exercise sessions balanced with therapeutic body work. Lisa’s clinical background has prepared her for a holistic approach to wellness, combining scientific exercise principals with the emotional and psychosocial components of fitness and health.

Although nicknamed the “Queen of Pain”, Lisa’s clients perceive her as more of a life coach as she approaches fitness from the standpoint of the whole person. Clients attain an increased sense of body awareness and improvement in self confidence as well as achieving fitness goals. Lisa is currently studying principals of neurology as it's applied to movement, performance and pain management with Z Health Performance.

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  • Certifications: ACSM – Certified Personal Trainer — NSCA: Certified Strength & Conditioning

  • Specialist: USA Cycling Elite Level Coach — PP-S: Periodization & Planning Specialist

  • Experience: 12 years personal training; 8 years cycling coach; 12 years competitive cyclist; 1.5 years exercise physiologist at Eden Medical Center

  • Area of Expertise: Functional Training; Core Strength/Stability; Adult Health/Wellness; Sport-Specific Training; Cycling/Endurance Performance

  • Education: Masters of Science: Exercise Science – Bachelor of Science: Exercise Science

Michael’s interest in the health and fitness industry began when he discovered cycle racing in 1994. He entered his first mountain bike race in Northern California after several years of casually enjoying and making a living on his bicycle. Motivated to learn and grow in the sport of cycling and the greater fitness industry, Michael completed the Bachelors and Masters programs in Exercise Physiology at California State University, Hayward, with the intent to combine real world experience with proven exercise science and critical thinking. Michael’s most recent endeavor has been as the Team Coach for the Value Act Capital Professional Women’s Cycling Team where he has had the pleasure of promoting physical fitness in young women around the country while working among some of the best endurance athletes in the country.

Michael’s first experience within the health industry was at Eden Medical Center in 1998, working with post-op cardiac rehabilitation patients. Although very rewarding, Michael preferred the more preventative approach that personal training affords and joined an excellent group of trainers at Emerson Sports Training & Fitness in 2000. Many of Michael’s first clients from his time at Emerson continue to work with him today. During his years as a personal trainer, Michael has continued to increase his knowledge of personal training and cycling, completing certifications as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and elite level cycling coach with USA Cycling, among others.