I’ve worked with BFF for the last 2 1/2 years. They are an integral part of our corporate wellness program. They partner very closely with us to make sure they are meeting the needs of our company, not just in the classes they offer but also in the instructors they select to work with our employees. Mel Hilario is our Corporate Operations Manager and is a great day-to-day contact as well and trainer. I couldn’t be happier with the services BFF provides!

On a personal note, I have been training with Lisa Vonnegut for 8 months. She has been essential in transforming my life and to call her my “trainer” does not accurately portray her role.  Not only does she make sure she is meeting my physical goals, pushing to places I didn’t think I could reach, she has also become a trusted advisor and friend.  I only wish I could see her twice a week instead of once.

– Maggie Randriamamonjy, Corporate Wellness Director

I’m very grateful to have this resource in my workplace. Keeps me healthy and motivated!!!
— Laurel L., Post Production Supervisor

BFF was brought in to create a fitness program at the company where I work about 5 years ago, and ushered us into a new era by teaching us about what fitness actually means. Before BFF we just had a nice gym and with weights and cardio machines. We did not have anyone to guide us as to how to use the equipment safely, how to use it to meet our individual goals,  how to use it to avoid/prevent/treat injury, or how to make it fun. That all changed overnight with BFF. Suddenly there were trainers who were there to lead fitness classes of many types and levels to get us motivated,  teachers to lead dance classes to get us moving, and other experts to help us manage and treat our hunched over “sit at a computer all day” bodies.  In addition to teaching us about functional fitness, injury prevention, the importance of stretching, and other physical aspects of fitness, BFF also brings in lecturers  to talk to us about food and other aspects of our health. I’m constantly amazed at the broad range of classes and offerings, and how they change things up and bring in new teachers and new classes. They actively try new tactics to encourage us into the gym and support us in making it a lifestyle and not something to be dreaded. The trainers are exceptionally talented, kind, and patient. They go above and beyond the call of duty to help us individually with our questions, concerns, and issues. BFF is staffed with a truly wonderful team of people who actually care about us as people, not just as “clients”. I am a fan.

– Yasmin

Tim “Sire” Wisniewski has made me young again. He reminds me of a kid on my block growing up that I loved to play with because at the end of the day I’d accomplished things that I’d never have done on my own. Lately, after suffering through the pains of “getting older”; back, foot, and knee probs from sitting in front of a computer or standing in front of a class teaching all day, I thought my exercising days were over. But Tim is an excellent “emotionally intelligent” motivator. Through his supportive yet challenging tone, he has me doing things I thought I could no longer do: hard workouts done in a safe way. And his classes are so *FUN* I don’t want to miss any of them! He will not disappoint you!
— Dave H.

I’ve been going to Mel’s Core Circuit class for years. Mel is a devoted instructor, helping me to actualize my fitness goals through the group classes but also taking the time after class to go over additional routines that are specific to me as well as sending me relevant emails and book recommendations. Mel is an inspiration, with her positive energy and commitment to everyone she trains, you can really tell she cares greatly about us and works hard to help us realize our goals. Oh and her free roller breaks, everyone needs to take 15 mins and get into one of these, relaxes the muscles and quiets the mind.

– Sarita

I could not be happier with the results I’ve seen since working BFF & Brianna. Brianna is perfect blend of tough & encouraging. She’s a fun, fantastic trainer – a spritely inspiration! =) The rest of the staff at BFF are all friendly & fun, making the gym a warm, hard-working environment. The classes offered by BFF will kick your butt, but they’re also a kick in the pants! I’m a fan of both Cardio Booty Camp & Body Sculpting. Each week is challenging, and again, TONS of fun! It almost makes you forget that you’re working out… except that you’re sweating buckets, and you’re sore for the next 3 days – in the best way.
— Piper