Personal training at BFF is conducted by a team of professionals who have chosen personal training as a career, keeping up with the current trends and latest scientific advances within the field. Each trainer is an independent contractor who has developed a unique style to best suit the needs of his or her clientele. Check our BFF TEAM page to see bios on each of our trainers. Please feel free to contact us directly for information regarding rates and availability of any of our staff members.


In addition to personal training, BFF offers individual program design. Whether it’s giving guidance for gym workouts, creating a regimen for a home gym or developing a science based training plan for a specific event (marathon, triathlon, century, etc), our trainers have the expertise to formulate an effective program.


Check out current classes for Corporate Wellness programs.


Awareness of the benefits of a fitness program has grown, making it a hot trend in corporate environments. Our wellness programs will increase productivity, decrease workplace stress and may lead to fewer incidents of repetitive use injuries and other work related hazards. From management retreats to team building activities to full blown class programming, BFF works to create the right level for companies of all sizes.


Each of the BFF trainers has extensively studied nutrition as it relates to health, wellness, sports nutrition and/or weight loss. We advocate balanced nutrition programs that emphasize whole foods, with minimal supplementation. We discourage fad dieting and help our clients discover a plan of eating that can be maintained for life.


At BFF we believe that regular body work is an important part of your overall wellness. Stress, workouts and patterns of overuse compress and inhibit the muscles, often leaving you feeling sore, tired and stiff. Massage and other body work such as acupuncture are antidotes to this and can help maximize your workout and reduce the effects of life stress. In addition to Lisa, one of the BFF partners, we have talented body workers available to be a part of your wellness team.