Michael Smartt has brought new challenges to my workout in a safe, healthy and fun environment. Being a person more likely to take myself to task for not working harder, Mike has educated me as to how to work more effectively and helped me find sports that enhanced my chance of success in reaching my fitness goals. Mike has blended his solid academic credentials, his competitive cycling career and his experience working with all types of bodies and minds into creating individualized programs for his clients that get results. Yes, boys and girls I count myself as one of the lucky few to be able to sit at the feet of Master Mike.
— Sara H., Oakland

Katie Ross is a knowledgeable trainer with a deep commitment to supporting clients in achieving their fitness goals. She constantly shifts workouts to keep my body challenged and mind engaged. Besides her ability to keep me laughing out loud, she is skilled in adapting exercises to avoid strain to injured areas. After spending a year with incredible foot pain and no exercise, working out with Katie brought me improved posture, visible biceps, the ability to walk up hills without breathing hard, and a renewed sense of energy and strength. I’ve worked with Katie in both one-on-one and group sessions and am constantly amazed by how much you-can-do-it attitude, nutrition advice, and general fun is packed into her approach to building muscle, improving balance, and overall training style. She’s awesome and you’ll feel awesome and strong if you train with her!
– Susan S., Oakland

Initially when I was hunting for a trainer I was looking for a woman but the only trainer who fit my schedule was Mark Lynn. He was so knowledgeable about what would work for me and so supportive as I gradually became more comfortable in the new world of weight training that now I cannot think of working with anyone else! I find Mark very professional – always tracking where I am, always mindful of my form, always easing me to my next level, and at the same time making working out so much fun. I come out of my workouts feeling like I had the best time. If I should go to my session less than motivated, Mark with his humor is able to quickly turn that around. I love my workouts, I love the space, and most of all I love working with Mark.

– Ruth J., San Francisco

I have been in the best shape of my life during the past seven years that I have been training with Lisa Vonnegut. She is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. Lisa knows how bored I get repeating the same set of exercises over and over, so she creates many different programs addressing each muscle group. In addition, Lisa possesses in-depth knowledge about sports science and the body. I refer to her often when I have questions about my health or nutrition. If you are like me and only want to work with people who are at the top of their field, are well informed, and you are results-oriented, then Lisa is the personal trainer for you. She also happens to be one of the nicest and most fun people I know!
— Katherine R., Oakland

What you’ll get at Bay Functional Fitness: Trainers who are intellectuals, witty, informed and educated.

If you have to sweat and strain, then trust me when I tell you that having someone with you who can carry the conversation or even get into a heated debate with, is awesome.

My personal favorite, and they know it, so I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings, is Mike Smartt.  He is indeed “smart”, and he doesn’t make you count – he actually keeps track of the reps for you and can carry on a conversation.  I’m not kidding – I’ve put him to the test many a time.  He has a very scientific approach to the workout, he develops a program and works you out slow and steady so you can do nothing but succeed.  He trained me through my first pregnancy, and I swear my abs stayed in great shape thanks to him.

I could go on and on about Lisa, Katie and Mark, the other trainers there.  They are all special, talented and really nice, fun people to hang with.

It’s a beautiful studio with all the right machines and free weights to utilize in the workout, plus warm up.

Just had to share my very positive enthusiastic thumbs up for Bay Functional Fitness!

– Rebecca C. on Yelp