Getting Started

It’s easy! Just contact us at 510.891.1123 or to come in for a free consultation. We begin with a list of ALL of your health and fitness goals. We’ll help you refine these goals, making them specific and measurable so you can see tangible results. We’ll work with you to design a program to achieve these goals and make a plan to get you started, and then we will match you up with the best person to meet your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Functional Fitness”?

Functional Fitness is a style of training that utilizes the entire body to perform movements that one would typically do in everyday life. The purpose is to teach the body to be strong in natural positions while moving through several planes. The foundation of functional fitness includes exercises that are weight bearing and involve full body movements. Arms and legs are treated as extensions of the center rather than isolated, singularly moving limbs. The results of training in this manner are better posture, far fewer injuries sustained while doing everyday things (ever throw your back out picking up a gum wrapper?), more confidence in life’s routines and a general sense of being strong and fit. It’s not only about looking good. It’s about real, useable fitness.


All BFF trainers are private contractors and as such, have individual prices and packages. Our rates are industry competitive and lower than many large gyms because we do not have an equipment heavy facility with a high overhead. As professionals within a competitive environment, all trainers strive to keep rates within a comparable range.

How do I know if personal training is right for me?

Set up a free consultation to hear what BFF can offer you. We’ll evaluate your goals and objectives and design a program that will work with your lifestyle. Whether it’s personal training, classes or both, BFF can get you one step closer to your goals.

What is a private training studio?

Unlike big commercial gyms, we are a private, appointment-only studio. You will receive 1:1 attention from your trainer in a small friendly environment. Because we do not offer gym memberships, you will avoid crowded conditions and reap the benefits of a personal environment. Even our class sizes are small, so participants receive lots of individual attention.


Our studio is located on College Avenue, 2-hour non-metered parking on the side streets surrounding the facility is plentiful. Click for a map and directions.